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I don’t collect any personal data from you. I don’t use ads or share your data with third parties.

Optionally, you can opt-in to sharing some anonymous usage statistics with me. This is disabled by default and completely optional. It can be enabled or disabled at any time in Settings in the app.

Sending usage statistics helps me analyzing what kinds of devices and operation systems use Satoshi Converter, and what features are used most. That’s it. No personal information about you or your device is ever collected.

The collected usage statistics are transmitted using the service TelemetryDeck. They are not shared with any third party and are only used by us.

The following diagnostics are transmitted: App build number, iOS version (e.g. „14.8“), device type (e.g. „iPhone 11“) and a random string to differentiate between devices. This is not connected to any information about you or your device.

The following usage statistics are transmitted: Opening the app, toggling user statistics permission, copying a value, pasting a value, changing the currency. Note that only the type of action itself is transmitted, not the actual numbers or the type of currency.

More info about the data that is transmitted via TelemetryDeck can be found here.

Support Requests

You can email me from within the app. If you want, you can send along some basic diagnostic information (e.g. app and system version, device type). I use this information only to diagnose and resolve your support request. You are completely free to read, review and remove this information before sending.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or requests, just drop me a line at

Last updated
September 19 2021

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