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Dr. Peter Salz


Hi, I am Dr. Peter Salz, a freelance software developer from Ingelheim, Germany.

I have a Master’s degree and a Doctorate in Computer Science from the University of Kaiserslautern. I have been involved in Research and Development regarding visualization and image processing of medical data. This includes an experience of more than 10 years with Electrical Impedance Tomography, a novel imaging technique for the lung.

I have always been fascinated by the the Apple iPhone and iPad, and have started learning iOS development with Swift in 2015.

My main focus today is mobile app development for Apple platforms, especially iOS and iPad OS.

Apart from developing my own apps, I am also available for freelance work, especially in the fields of app development, image processing, visualization, and medical devices. My strengths include the whole software development process, especially at the interface between user-facing design and technical software architecture, between user requirements and technical specification.

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More about me

After completing my Computer Science studies at University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, with a Master’s degree in 2011, specializing in Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, Software Development and Economics, I joined the International Research Training Group IRTG 1131 of Prof. Dr. Hans Hagen as a PhD candidate.

Collaborating with researchers from the medical faculty of the University of Leipzig and from the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, I published my dissertation titled „Towards Patient-specific Electrical Impedance Tomography using 3D Thorax Models“ in 2014 for my Doctor of Engineering degree (Dr.-Ing.).

While working in Prof. Hagen’s research group as a post-doctoral researcher, my article „Live-Übertragung aus der Lunge“ won the Klaus-Tschira-Prize for comprehensible science in 2015.

In 2017, I joined the Innovation Center Computer Assisted Surgery (ICCAS) at the University of Leipzig, Germany, as deputy group leader to build up the research group „Life Support Systems“, alongside Prof. Dr. Andreas Reske (group leader and medical director) and Prof. Dr. Thomas Neumuth (project leader and institute director).

In collaboration with medical device company Fritz Stephan GmbH, where I also worked as part-time software developer, we completed the research projects EMU and IMPACT. These projects advanced the use case of Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) for lung monitoring in both clinical and emergency settings.

After establishing the Life Support Systems Group, I then joined Fritz Stephan GmbH as a full-time software developer in 2019, working both on EIT and the software for their neonatal ventilation device.

Since 2021 I am now working as an indie and freelance software developer, building my own mobile apps and offering contracting work both for app development and medical and image processing software development.


  • iOS app development
  • Specification & implementation of user interfaces
  • Implementation of image processing algorithms
  • Visualization of scientific and medical data
  • Creation of technical specifications from user requirements
  • 2D & 3D graphics implementation


Curriculum Vitae

  1. Work Experience
  2. Education
  3. Knowledge
  4. Awards
  5. Publications

Work Experience

Since 02/2020

Peter Salz Software Development, Ingelheim

07/2016 – 06/2021

Fritz Stephan Medizintechnik GmbH, Gackenbach

  • Research & Development
    • Software Developer

02/2017 – 03/2019

Innovation Center Computer Assisted Surgery (ICCAS)

  • Medical Faculty, University of Leipzig
  • Research Group Life Support Systems
    • Deputy Group Leader
    • Projects EMU & IMPACT

07/2014 – 06/2016

University of Kaiserslautern

  • Computer Graphics Group
    • Researcher (PostDoc)

07/2014 – 06/2016

University of Kaiserslautern

  • Nachwuchsring
    • Member of the steering committee

10/2006 – 06/2014

University of Kaiserslautern

  • Research and Teaching Assistant
    • Computer Graphics Group
    • Software Engineering Group
    • Numerical Algorithms Group
    • Geometric Algorithms Group

09/2005 – 10/2005

IBM Deutschland GmbH, Mainz

  • Working student

02/2005 – 03/2005

IBM Deutschland GmbH, Mainz

  • Internship

05/2004 – 01/2005

Reha-Klinik Nahetal, Bad Kreuznach

  • Civilian Service


01/2011 – 06/2014

University of Kaiserslautern

  • DFG-funded PhD program International Research Training Group (IRTG) 1131, Department of Computer Science
  • Degree: Doctor of Engineering (Dr.-Ing.), 31.07.2014
  • Title of dissertation thesis: Towards Patient-specific Electrical Impedance Tomography using 3D Thorax Models

10/2008 – 01/2011

University of Kaiserslautern

  • Master studies of Computer Science
  • Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.), 11.01.2011
  • Major: Visualization / Artificial Intelligence
  • Minor: Economics
  • Title of master’s thesis: Automated Tracking of Threats in Imagery from mm-wave Scanners

04/2005 – 05/2008

University of Kaiserslautern

  • Bachelor studies of Computer Science
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), 06.05.2008
  • Major: Humand Computer Interaction / Computer Graphics
  • Minor: Mathematics
  • Title of bachelor’s thesis: Zeit-dynamische Volumen-Visualisierung multimodal PAR3-EGFP getaggter Zellen des Auges von „Danio rerio“


Gymnasium an der Stadtmauer, Bad Kreuznach

  • Final secondary-school examinations
  • Majors: Mathematics, Physics, English



  • German (Native)
  • English (Fluent)
  • French (Basic)
  • Portuguese (Basic)

Programming Languages

  • Swift
  • Metal
  • C++
  • Matlab
  • Qt
  • Python
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • OpenGL

Tools (Selection)

  • Codebeamer
  • Trello
  • Git
  • MS Office
  • MS Project



  • University of Kaiserslautern
    • Nachwuchsring
    • Travel sponsorship for research stay in São Paulo, Brazil
    • Award amount: 574€


  • Summer Course on Image-based Biomedical Modeling
    • Park City, UT, USA
    • Sponsorship
    • Sponsorship: ca. $3.000


  • Klaus-Tschira-Preis für verständliche Wissenschaft
    • Prize money: 5.000€
    • Article title: „Live-Übertragung aus der Lunge“


  • University of Kaiserslautern
    • Department of Computer Science
    • Teaching Award: Best Teaching Assistant for Theoretical Computer Science


  • University of Kaiserslautern
    • Freshman Sponsorship



  • Differential lung ventilation assessed by Electrical Impedance Tomography in Ultrasound-guided anterior suprascapular nerve block vs. interscalene brachial plexus block
    • David Petroff, Martin Wiegel, Virginia Pech, Peter Salz, Julia Mrongowius, Andreas W. Reske
    • European Journal of Anesthesiology
    • December 2020, 37(12), pp. 1105-1114, DOI:10.1097/EJA.0000000000001367


  • Detection of posttraumatic pneumothorax using Electrical Impedance Tomography: An observer-blinded study in pigs with blunt chest trauma
    • F. Girrbach, T. Landeck, D. Schneider, S. Reske,G. Hempel, S. Hammermüller, U. Gottschaldt, P. Salz, K. Noreikat, S. Stehr, H. Wrigge, A.W. Reske
    • PLoS ONE
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  • Mechanical Ventilation Strategies Targeting Different Magnitudes of Collapse and Tidal Recruitment in Porcine Acid Aspiration- Induced Lung Injury
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    • Journal of Clinical Medicine Research
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  • One-lung ventilation and Pneumothorax detection using Electrical Impedance Tomography: A preliminary study report
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  • Electrical Impedance Tomography Lung Imaging with partial access to the thorax: A simulation study
    • J. Mrongowius, A.W. Reske, T. Neumuth, P.Salz
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  • Was gibt es Neues in der computerassistierten Chirurgie?
    • J. Tiberio Hernandez, Guerra-Gomez, P.Salz, Humayoun, Fernández, K. Madlener, H. Hagen
    • International Research Symposium on Problem Based Learning (IRSPBL 2017)
    • 2017, Bogotá, Colombia


  • Good practices learned from designing a more interactive project based visual analytics course
    • C. Chalopin, L. Landgraf, A. Melzer, T. Neumuth, S. Oletze-Jafra, P.Salz
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    • 2018, Landsberg am Lech; ecomed-Storck GmbH; p. 51-68


  • Towards Patient-specific Electrical Impedance Tomography using 3D Thorax Models
    • P.Salz
    • Dissertation
    • 2014, published online by University of Kaiserslautern


  • Influence of different thorax models on anatomical precision on EIT
    • P.Salz, A.W. Reske, H. Wrigge, G. Scheuermann, H. Hagen
    • Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Biomedical Applications of EIT
    • 2014, p. 80, ISBN 978-0-7709-0577-4


  • Improving Visual Communication for EIT-based Lung Research
    • C. Gillmann, P.Salz
    • Proceedings of the IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium
    • 2014, Visualization Notes, pp. 191-205


  • Improving Electrical Impedance Tomography Imaging of the Lung with Patient-specific 3D Models
    • P.Salz, A.W. Reske, H. Wrigge, G. Scheuermann, H. Hagen
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  • Texture-based Tracking in mm-wave images
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  • Time-Dynamic Volume Visualization of Multimodally Tagged Body Cells
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